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Derniers Articles (triés par Type puis Année)
  • H. KRIAA, A. GUITTON, N. MALOUFI, Modeling dislocation contrasts obtained by accurate-Electron Channeling Contrast Imaging for characterizing deformation mechanisms in bulk materials, Materials, 12 (2019) 1587 ACL
  • M. BEN HAJ SLAMA, N. MALOUFI, J. GUYON, S. BAHI, L. WEISS, A. GUITTON, In situ macroscopic tensile testing in SEM and Electron Channeling Contrast Imaging: pencil glide evidenced in a bulk beta-Ti21S polycrystal, Materials, 12 (2019) 2479 ACL
  • A. GUITTON, H. KRIAA, E. BOUZY, J. GUYON, N. MALOUFI, A dislocation-scale characterization of the evolution of deformation microstructures around nanoindentation imprints in a TiAl alloy, Materials, 11 (2018) 305 ACL
  • H. KRIAA, A. GUITTON, N. MALOUFI, Fundamental and experimental aspects of diffraction for characterizing dislocations by electron channeling contrast imaging in scanning electron microscope, Scientific Reports, 7 (2017) 9742 ACL
  • S. VAN PETEGEM, A. GUITTON, M. DUPRAZ, A. BOLLHALDER, K. SOFINOWSKI, M.V. UPADHYAY, H. VAN SWYGENHOVEN, A miniaturized biaxial deformation rig for in situ mechanical testing, Exp. Mech., (2017) 1-12 ACL
  • E. BRODU, E. BOUZY, JJ. FUNDENBERGER, J. GUYON, A. GUITTON, Y. ZHANG, On-axis TKD for orientation mapping of nano crystalline materials in SEM, Mater. Charac., 130 (2017) 92-96 ACL
  • A. GUITTON, A. IRASTORZA-LANDA, R. BROENNIMANN, D. GROLIMUND, S. VAN PETEGEM, H. VAN SWYGENHOVEN, Picosecond pulsed laser ablation for microscale sample preparation, Mater. Lett., 160 (2015) 589-591 ACL
  • K. GOURIET, P. CARREZ, P. CORDIER, A. GUITTON, A. JOULAIN, L. THILLY, C. TROMAS, Dislocations modelling in Ti2AlN MAX phase based on the Pierls-Nabarro model, Philos. Mag., 95 (2015) 2539–2552 ACL
  • A. GUITTON, S. VAN PETEGEM, C. TROMAS, A. JOULAIN, H. VAN SWYGENHOVEN, L. THILLY, Effect of microstructure anisotropy on the deformation of MAX polycrystals studied by in-situ compression combined with neutron diffraction, Appl. Phys. Lett. 24 (2014) 241910 ACL
  • A. GUITTON, A. JOULAIN, L. THILLY, C. TROMAS, Evidence of dislocation cross-slip in MAX phase deformed at high temperature, Sci. Rep., 4 (2014) 6358 ACL
  • G.P. BEI, A. GUITTON, A. JOULAIN, V. BRUNET, S. DUBOIS, L. THILLY, C. TROMAS, Pressure-enforced plasticity in MAX phases: from single grain to polycrystal investigation, Philos. Mag., 93 (2013) 1784-1801 ACL
  • A. GUITTON, A. JOULAIN, L. THILLY, C. TROMAS, Dislocation analysis of Ti2AlN deformed at room temperature under confining pressure, Philos. Mag., 92 (2012) 4536–4546 ACL
  • H. KRIAA, A. GUITTON, N. MALOUFI, Electron channeling contrast imaging: influence of diffraction conditions on the dislocation contrast. Journées Annuelles SF2M, 23-25 Octobre 2017 ACTN
  • M. BEN SAADA, N. GEY, A. GUITTON, B. BEAUSIR, X. ILTIS, N. MALOUFI, Multi-scale approach for analyzing sub-boundaries induced during dislocational creep of uranium dioxide. Journées Annuelles SF2M, 23-25 octobre 2017 ACTN
  • H. KRIAA, A. GUITTON, N. MALOUFI, Adapting TEM techniques to SEM: Experimental approach of the (+g, –g) method to characterize dislocation configuration by ECC, Journées annuelles SF2M, 23-25 octobre 2017 ACTN